Principal’s Message

Welcome to a new and great school year!

The best is yet to come for each of you! This school year we will focus on you, the scholar student; making your  high school career one that is full of learning, responsibility, extracurricular activities and more.
As you matriculate through your high school years, challenge yourself in classes, get involved in your community, set goals, explore new opportunities and have fun.
My belief is that all students can achieve whatever they put their minds to. Dream "BIG" dreams!
Our faculty and staff are prepared to not only teach our students but prepare them for life after high school.
We are here for the families that attend ESJH. Special thanks to our staff members for what they do daily to ensure that all students are successful.
I am looking forward to a great school year!!! To all Wildcat students and staff, we will be learning together to achieve the highest accomplishments possible.
“No One Rises to Low Expectations” ~ Les Brown
Ms. Tori Bazile