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Clubs and Activities

BAND -- Students may join the band and earn up to four units. The band performs at school assemblies, pep rallies, football games, music festivals, concerts, and other activities. The band generally takes part in Mardi Gras parades. The band also consists of Flag Corps and Rifle Team.

BETA CLUB -- The Beta Club is an honor organization that promotes high academic standards, citizenship, leadership, and service. Students who have maintained an overall 3.0 average in high school will be invited to join the club between their third and sixth semesters.

CHEERLEADERS (VARSITY & FRESHMAN) -- The cheerleaders are an integral part of school life and extracurricular activities. They perform at pep rallies, various athletic events, and competitions around the state.

FLAG CORPS -- This group consists of students who are interested in performing on a precision flag team. The Flag Corps is an extension of the band.

4-H CLUB -- The 4-H Club is a National organization open to all interested students. 4-H welcomes all members that may have been members in elementary and junior high school and also new members. 4-H provides training in many areas, such as sewing, safety, public speaking, tractor driving, cooking, child care, handicrafts, small engines, livestock, poultry, insect collecting, demonstrations, leadership, and citizenship. Competitions are held at the local, state, and national levels.

INTERACT CLUB -- The club is affiliated with the local Rotary Club and emphasizes truth, fairness, goodwill, and better friendships. All students are eligible for membership.

MAJORETTES -- This group consists of students who are interested in performing on a precision baton-twirling team. The Majorettes are an extension of the band.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY -- The purpose of NHS is to recognize and foster enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote the development of strong character, to encourage positive leadership, and to cultivate responsible citizenship through service to school and community. These four principles shape the organization’s activities and are reflected in the members’ responsibilities.

NURSING CLUB -- This club is an extension of the nursing program. It is a community-service organization geared toward health awareness. Only students taking the nursing courses are eligible.

SPORTS -- Many organized sports are offered:  baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, softball, track & volleyball. Intramural sports are offered through the physical education classes.

STUDENT COUNCIL -- The purpose of the Student Council is to provide student participation in school government; to establish better understanding between students and faculty; to serve as a practical example of a working democracy; to foster the advancement of scholarships; and to promote school spirit and the ideals of friendliness, fair play and loyalty. The council consists of four elected officers -- president, vice-president, secretary/reporter, and treasurer. Additionally, there are elected representatives from each grade.

SUGARETTES -- The Sugarettes are a precision dance team and pep squad that entertains at pep rallies and athletic events. The girls are selected at try-outs where they are judged on marching and dancing as well as appearance and school spirit.

VTAP -- The Visually Talented Art Program is a program which showcases students past and on-going pieces of artwork. Entrance into this program is gained only through a portfolio process. Students are eligible to take up to eight courses in this program.